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Information about Ecoturbino®

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Saving of energy and money

With Ecoturbino® you save not only water, but energy too. In this way you will do good for the environment and benefit your wallet.

Less water means lower fees for cold and warm water, lower sewage fees and reduced energy costs.

To save water

We consume substantial amounts of water in our daily life. A careful consumption would be good for the environment. It has never been as easy as now:

Ecoturbino® is an Austrian invention and suitable for use in every household and every hotel. Every time you take shower, you can save 4 buckets of water and reduce your water consumption by 36% - without any loss of comfort.

The same comfort

With integrated Ecoturbino®, by adding of air to water, the water jet feels as intensively as before. You will not even feel the difference.

Environmental protection can be so easy and even comfortable.

To reduce CO₂ emissions

Due to savings of warm water, you consume less energy and remit less CO₂. For a four-person household the difference amounts to about 400 kg per year.

So you would additionally do something good for the climate.

Energy Efficiency Act

Since January 1, 2015 are large Austrian companies and energy suppliers obliged to implement energy management system and energy savings measures. Being an energy supplier, you will save not only resources at your end customers in this way. This savings, which can easily be calculated, can be considered as a measure of efficiency.

More information on this can be additionally found in the legislative text, on the website monitoringstelle.at or in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber: Wirtschaftskammer Österreich.

Even you do not need energy savings measures for yourselves, you can offer the measures certificate for sale on OneTwoEnergy or Ethus.